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Message from the President.

Ichiro Kawanabe
President and Chief Executive Officer  Ichiro Kawanabe

To all our customers, with appreciation of traveling with Nihon Kotsu.

Japan's capital, Tokyo. It was in the center of Tokyo, Ginza Kobiki-cho, that Nihon Kotsu was first founded in 1929, with two limousines that carry a symbol of "N in Sakura". Since then, we have received from the Imperial Household, various head of states and embassies or executives from different companies, remark such that "a welcome with Nihon Kotsu with the N in Sakura brand is the best reception that can be offered."

For the past seventy or so years, we have been engraving each and every word from our customers in our "N in Sakura" brand. Thanks to their support, every drivers of our limousines, taxis or buses that exceed total of 3000 in number, provides the service of "N in Sakura" brand for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with responsibility and confidence.

With the maturity of the Japanese economy peoples'needs for transport change from day to day. As the leader of advocate the new urban transport system that supports Japan's capital, Tokyo.

In this ever-changing society, we will confide our unchanging sincerity to the "N in Sakura" Brand.

With you, Nihon Kotsu will continue to move forward.

We are hoping for your warm and continued support.

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